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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Every judging eye is saying "bad mommy, bad mommy"

I sacrificed my precious running time and let my children join me: 7yr old who was running way slow and my 4yr old who was on a scooter and kept requesting for us to stop because he was exhausted.  Though I must admit I was glad that my 7 yr old wanted to run.  My husband was waaaaay in the back pushing our baby in the stroller.  At some point in our run or should I say very slow jog my 4yr old says "I am going to wait for daddy because I am tired".  I look back and I can see my husband enough to do some hand gestures that should be interpreted as follows:  I am going to continue my strenuous run and our 4yr old is going to sit here and wait for you. 

So we take off.  I am about to cross a busy pedestrians and cars intersection so I grab my 7yr olds hand and we run across.  Just as I reach the other side I hear my 4yr old screaming and crying "mommy, mommy don't leave".  I turn around bewildered and embarrassed because I immediately have every one around me looking at me like what a horrible mom running off and crossing a busy street leaving her little boy behind.  I walk back across the street to scold I mean tenderly hold my 4yr old and the whole time I can feel and see every judging eye on me.  I am frustrated because this could of been a potentially dangerous situation if he would of crossed the street with out me.

When this happens to you mommy (though I am sure you will never have this bad mommy moment) you walk with confidence and mumble to yourself "I am a good mom, I am a good mom" and act like you don't care what they are thinking (even if you do).

Unfortunately, I am sad to report I didn't go back and comfort him.  As I walked back to him I gave him THE look that should make every kid tremble the "boy your in trouble" and said sternly "go back to daddy."  At that point my husband was only a few feet away and everyone around us goes back to their business still thinking that sure is a bad mom.

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