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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Free E-Book Finds For Kids

I love that 4 letter F word, FREE! I am a sucker for freebie deals. Once I stood in a Chipotle Free Burrito day line that had at least 100 people in front of me just so that I could get a free burrito and of course to feed the hungry by donating a canned good. I am sure that was the main reason we were all standing in line to feed the hungry, ahem. 

I hate keeping these great finds to myself.  I discovered No Twiddle Twaddle a blog where Bethany shares free Kid E-books and other great deals on a daily basis with her readers.  I checked out her list and downloaded these great deals (check out her website for all of the deals):

The Bible Tells Me So by Paul J Loth
Rocket Boy Zooming in Space by Joy Findlay
Count the Fruit by Joy Findlay
Adventures of the Little Red Fox by JL Toscano
The Thursday Surpise (A Story about kids and autism) by Ryan Ennis
Big Book of All Time Favorite Bible Stories by V. Gilbert Beers
Rocket Boy Zooms to Mercury by Joy Findlay
Rocket Boy Goes to the Moon by Joy Findlay
Rocket Boy Visits Venus by Joy Findlay
Heart Strings by John Millwater
How to Draw Cartoons by Brian Platt

All of these were showing up as FREE! There are more free books on her list that I didn't get. Make sure that it says $0.00 on otherwise it's not free.
These are the 2 list I used but she has more list to view on her website: List 1 and List 2

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