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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Party

We don't live any where near a pumpkin patch nor do we have the season "fall" in this country. So as foreigners one of the things we try to do is still keep our traditions and fun parties to make home more homey.  Above are pictures of our Pumpkin Patch Party that we have hosted for the 2nd year and its a big hit for our other missionary friends and our new ecuadorian friends.

Set out hay and pumpkins in a corner of the room.  The food table has a banner I made that says "Peek-a-Boo".  I throw out faux fall leaves all over the room.  black and orange streamer hanging from the door.
Games to play:
-Donut bobbing- we hung powdered donuts to some string on a stick and blindfolded the kids. It was hilarious to watch them try to bite the donut..
-Hot pumpkin- pass the pumpkin around and when the music stops the one holding the pumpkin goes out.
- mummy wrap- have two teams. one person is the mummy and the other is the wrapper. See who wraps up the person first like a mummy.
-photo booth- we had lots of props out and hung a frame from the ceiling for the kids to take silly pictures.  made mustache props, lips and set out wigs, scarves, hats etc.....

Easy Craft- Spider candle craft
small pumpkin
googly eyes,
black pipe cleaners
tea candle
craft glue
We prepped them prior to guest arriving by gutting them and poking holes on the side for the legs. Glue eyes, cut pipe cleaners evenly for legs and poke them in and stick candle on top. Voila easy craft!

Food (pictures above):
rotten teeth- from apple wedges, caramel and chopped marshmallows
worm juice- pineapple juice w/ blue food coloring and gummy worms in it
mummy hotdogs- wrapped dinner roll dough around the hotdog and baked it and topped it with eyes using a edible pen.
pumpkin juice- used oj juices and drew pumpkin face on the outside
pumpkin lolipops- covered lolipops in orange tissue paper and w/ a sharpie drew a pumpkin face on them
pumpkin caramel tarts- not pictured. used a mini cupcake pan and put pie crust at the bottom and pumpkin pie filling in it and once it was cooled I drizzled caramel over it.

Favor bag:
orange clusters of marshmallow treats in a pumpkin treat bag. Made my own template that said "Peek-a-Boo"

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