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Monday, April 4, 2011

Fabric Interchangeable Chore Chart

As a counselor one of the things I encourage parents to do is to use Chore or Behavior Charts to celebrate their success!
3 Must Do's for an Effective Chart:
  • A simple chart the child can follow and understand.
  • Rewards should be given that week if the child is younger you may  have to do 2 rewards (midweek/end of the week)
  • Always follow through on your reward
Okay I led there are 7 must do's:
  • Rewards should never be extravagant: easy & accessible.
  • LOTS of praise when task is accomplished.
  • For behavior charts once the behavior is changed take chart away otherwise it will loose its impact.
  • Make sure you clearly explain the chart and its purpose and the rewards if there are any.

For years I have used paper charts: interactive chartspotty-training charts.  They are great b/c I can change them according to the season or the behavior we are trying to improve.  I finally decided to make a cloth chart for my boys!  I tried not to use any appliques so they are not outgrown that way I don't have to make another chart.  So I went with polka dots, stripes and jean fabric. 

Here's the interchangeable component the popsicle sticks are changed according to the need.  Right now we are trying to help my child stop wetting the bed at  night so that was one of the tabs on his stick.  I went to Microsoft word and just printed out different tabs from their clipart to glue onto the sticks. 

If you were to use this as a behavior chart for a child having problems hitting you can glue a picture of a hand on a stick. If your child didn't hit anyone at school today when he gets home he can put his stick in the Monday pocket.  Depending on the childs age you can choose how many days will go by before they get a reward.  So if it's a 3yr old I usually encourage parents to go midweek to reward and then another on Friday.  Also, don't go with extravagant rewards the simpler the better as long as its something that motivates them.  It can be an actual thing or a priviledge.  Just make sure you reward him the day you said.  I always discourage parents from big rewards like I will take you to McD's or I will buy you that train set you have always wanted.  The bigger the harder it is to follow through.  You may have been able to take him to McD's on Wed. but when Friday came you had a lot going on so you postpone it til Sat. then its changed to Sunday and before you know it your child is no longer interested in your chart.

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