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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taggie Elephant

Most of my sewing end up as gifts.  My love language is time and that is how I share my love to the people in my life.  So I usually make them a gift and or spend time with them.  A friend of mine was having a little baby but we didn't know the sex so I had to make a gender neutral gift.  Her nursery theme was elephants. 
I didn't use a template. 
  • What I did was use a round plate for the body and traced it on to the fabric and then I did my best on making a trunk. 
  • I used a button for the eyes and then I traced a small bowl on to the fabric for an ear and cut about an inch off so that I can get an ear look. 
  • I used brown ribbon to make the taggie feet. 
  • First I hand sewed the ear to the body.  I left a little opening to stuff it so the ear can stand out from the rest of the body since I was using the same fabric for the whole thing.
  • Sew the body together inside out.
  • Then I stuffed it and put a small piece of cardboard between the body and trunk to keep it from hanging. 
  • Now you can completely sew it.
The hardest part about making this was deciding what shape I wanted the elephant.  I decided I wanted something more abstract but child like.  This circle shape elephant really resembles a childs attempt to draw an elephant.


  1. sooo cute, I have a couple of nephews who would love this little guy!

  2. Thx, for stopping by. Have fun creating!

  3. Oh, this is super cute!! I have an elephant in my nursery I'm doing for my daughter, which is why this little guy caught my eye. What a nice gift for you to make! I'm sure your friend absolutely loved it. Great job!

  4. kara, thx. elephants are super cute for baby decor. i would never have thought that.

  5. Very cute! I love elephants. Saw your post above mine on Tip Junkie. Fun to see new blogs!

  6. I love the fabric you chose for this adorable project.

  7. I just love this craft that you linked up to Sugar Bee! I am so glad that I am following you now!

  8. Ladies, thanks! I made many things with this fabric: baby bottle bag, pillows for my living room..... then I realized I needed to stop:)

  9. oh my gosh! This is ADORABLE!!! Nice work and I LOVE the shape you chose!

  10. I love this. My sister in law is having a baby in September and she loves elephants - I'm pinning this so I show her!


  11. Look how cute that is! Cutest little idea ever!

  12. What an adorable elephant. I love it! I would love for you to share this project at my linky party.

    Hope to see you there.
    Thanks for the inspiration.