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Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 Easy Steps for Making Baby Food

Long ago when I lived in the Land of Plenty (bka the U.S. of A) where life moves at a faster pace a friend shared with me about freezing baby food in ice cubes.  At that time in my life I had ABSOLUTELY no desire to make my own food when I could easily go down the grocery store aisle and extend my hand out and voila I had breakfast, lunch and dinner in a matter of seconds.

Now that I live in the Land of All Things are RIDICULOUSLY Priced (bka Ecuador) I have chosen to make my own baby food. It really isn't hard and it saves us a WHOLE bunch of money and not to mention so much more healtheir for my sunshine. I wish I would of at least tried it back then when I lived in the land of plenty that way I would of realized how easy and healthy it was for our little ones.

3 Easy steps for making your OWN baby food:
1. Buy lots of fruits and veggies at the grocery store.
2. In 15min (depending on the fruit/veggie it can be less or more) I can steam and blend 2 to 3 meals. Sometimes I make tons and in one hour or less I can steam/bake/cook all of it and blend it or use a food processor and use it all of it for weeks on end.
     For steaming:  Use a steamer basket and place it in pot with enough water in it that it doesn't go pass the steamer basket.  Cover with lid and steam until tender.
     For blending:  I don't have a food processor but you can use one instead of a blender.  Stick cooked veggies, fruits in blender.  You will need to add a couple of tablespoon of water or sometimes I use apple juice and blend.  Since I make tons of it at once I prefer to keep my veggies/fruits separate so that I can mix them up later before freezing.
3. Serve it up!

Storing option that I use:
Freeze it in ice cube tray or whatever other method butters your biscuit.
Read post below for more info on freezing & refridgerating.

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