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Monday, August 1, 2011

Kitchen Island for ME!

My man is slaving away in the kitchen making me not an amazing intricate dessert like he does sometimes because I can't follow intricate recipes (or at least that is what I tell him) but he is making me a kitchen island!  I am SOOOOO EXCITED!  I have been wanting one forever but didn't have a big enough of kitchen and now we finally have a decent size one.  Sorry there are no plans and pictures to go with this. He closed the door, not sure why it would bother him for me to be over his shoulder asking questions and taking pictures.

kitchen island los angeles, orange county, northridge, seal beach, cabinetsThis is what I told him I wanted minus the big chunky wood top and the middle shelf that slants in.  Once we started talking about what I really wanted it looked more like the plans below.

He is sort of following these plans from http://www.homeathome.homehardware.ca/en/index/home-projects/project-ideas/home-at-home/fall-projects/kitchen-convertible.htm

I wanted mine slightly larger than these plans above so he adjusted the measurements and as I type he is going at it!
This is the finish product, hooray!

I am so blessed!


  1. i'm so jealous!! good luck with the project! I'm sure it will turn out great!!

  2. Can't wait to see it! I've been looking for old pieces to turn into a island to sell, like a old library table.

  3. Make that 2 of us who are jealous!!! Wanna SEE it!!!!