I love to have fun with paper, food, paint, music and events and just being creative in all of it. However, I don't feel the need to be a perfectionist nor a professional in any of my creations. I wish I could have a blog JUST about the art of cooking, photography, sewing, art, mothering, jewelry making, card making, dancing, gardening, deep spiritual thoughts, decorating, poetry, party planning, baking.... and the list goes on but I can't. I don't think I was created with the ability to focus on one task. I like all of these hobbies layed out before me and the freedom to pick whatever I choose depending on the mood or time I have.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Brownie covered Oreos dipped in chocolate

-Use a muffin pan and spray ALOT of cooking spray in it.  I tried both metal &silicone pans and the latter worked better for me.  None of the other websites complained about the metal pan but I couldn't make it work.
-Follow the directions from your brownie mix.
-Dip your oreos in the batter and cover both sides and place each seperately in the muffin pan.
- Stick in oven using the temp. brownie mix called for.
- Shouldn't take more than 10-12 min.
-Getting them out can be really tricky.  Make sure you run a butter knife around the edges to unstick and then let it cool and then pop them out.
- Let them sit for 5 min to ensure that they are totally cool and then dip them in melted chocolate.
- set on wax paper to harden.

Need more chocolate sprinkle crushed: receese pb cups, snickers, milk chocolate bar, butterfinger etc... before the melted chocolate hardens

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