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Friday, January 28, 2011

Recycled Craft: Stylish Lunch Bag/ Cute Clutch made from a Wipes Bag in 15 minutes

Okay, so I am elated with how this turned out!  I love it!!!!

This can also serve as a stylish lunch bag

You will need: wipes resealable bag, scissors, black tweed, ribbon, glue and fabric

Before covering the bag make two small holes on the side where you will loop the twine thru. The navy striped fabric I chose was to thin and you could see the writing thru it so I had to cover the wipes bag with a thin white piece of cotton. I traced the wipes bag over the cotton and then cut it right out and glued it on.

I looped some twine through the side of the bag. It is probably smart to just loop it through before you cover the bag with the cotton. Then I traced the bag over the navy striped fabric and then cut it leaving some room for the seams to fold under and then glue. Find some fun ribbon and gather and glue in a circle until you get same look from above.
Option 2:  I also cut the bag in half and made a small pencil bag, hand bag etc... using felt.  This only took about 6min b/c there was no need to fold in fabric, lay thin cotton under it and the ribbon was layed flat. I cut out a butterfly with green felt and glued.


  1. Sooooo cute! The flower and the stripes are perfect for each other.

  2. Thx Fancy Lads, I just popped over to your blogsite, cute!!! Love the heart headband!

  3. Cute! Great idea! Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  4. ADORABLE!! Super cute! Thanks for linking up! Always nice to see a new face.