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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Girls Craft: Flavored Lip Gloss

One of the things I enjoyed doing as a counselor was my 6th grade Chica Chats.  We got all the girls together and discussed a "girl" topic and made a craft.

They loved this easy craft. It really is yummy, makes you want to lick it right off!

petroleum jelley
Kool-Aid mix any flavor

1. Depending on the size of your container fill with petroleum jelley.
2. Mix in a couple of teaspoons (depending on the size of your container) of Kool aid.  The more you mix in the more likely you will have that color on your lips.  I used a wild berry Kool-aid mix but since I only put 1 tspn in for the size of my container it only turned rose and it didn't color my lips.
3. Add 1 small drop of water. Water doesn't mix well with petroleum jelley so don't put a lot of water in otherwise it will just float in your container.
4. Mix, apply on lips and lick it off (it's hard not too).


  1. Mmm! Kool-aid...I bet that IS yummy! Would you pretty please share this great idea at my pink party?


  2. Amy, sorry I just saw this. Thanks for the invite though.

  3. love it so great !!!!!!!!!

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  5. Doing this at my b day party except we melt the petroleum jelly.