I love to have fun with paper, food, paint, music and events and just being creative in all of it. However, I don't feel the need to be a perfectionist nor a professional in any of my creations. I wish I could have a blog JUST about the art of cooking, photography, sewing, art, mothering, jewelry making, card making, dancing, gardening, deep spiritual thoughts, decorating, poetry, party planning, baking.... and the list goes on but I can't. I don't think I was created with the ability to focus on one task. I like all of these hobbies layed out before me and the freedom to pick whatever I choose depending on the mood or time I have.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Originality is the aspect of created or invented works by as being new or novel, and thus can be distinguished from reproductions, clones etc...  An original work is one not received from others nor one copied based on the work of others. Wikipedia

One of the things I enjoy most is painting on canvas.  I listen to music, or read something or sometimes just observe nature and I am inspired and I need a blank canvas to journal on with a plethora of hues on my color pallette at my disposable ready to make history. I am exaggerating a bit but thats how I feel.  The result: a fresh unconventional "master piece" and that is important to me but let me tell you crafting novelty is hard. Now that we have access to the web it is so difficult to be innovative.

I usually have random thoughts and ideas through out my day.  I filter them and then decide which ones I have time for and in the mood to create and which ones are going to stay as ideas in my head.  I so proudly post my "novel" idea/ creation to share with the cyber world but to my dismay I discover that someone in S. Africa, Croatia, Alaska etc... already came up with that idea and in reality mine is not so original. It was ORIGINAL in my mind I promise :) but someone else somewhere in the ends of the earth already had my inspired thought.
There is wonderful good to this because it makes life easier when I don't have the time or brain power to come up with something original.  Or to even know that there are so many inspired women and men out there making their visions and inspiration a reality and we have access to them even if I can't pronounce the city they live in and this is all very beautiful.

Sometimes though it feels like my parade got rained on thats more of my selfish thinking coming out.  Don't get me wrong I have and my family has benefitted from the many of my UNORGINAL meals, house decor, wardrobe and crafty ideas I gather from the web.  I LOVE this at my fingertips knowledge!

Just thinking outloud into the cyber world. Hey maybe someone else has already written this post :)

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