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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fresh and Satisfying Salad: Panzanella

summer's last hurrah panzanella
You learn so much from perusing the internet!  I came across this recipe with the name PANZANELLA and I thought thats a fun word to say. Now try saying it with an italian accent and holding your hands out. Once I got over my childish word games I decided to google it and immediately I became intrigued by all the colors and description of this classic Italian Tuscan summer salad.  It's like bruschetta in a salad.

I am so glad I googled Panzanella because I so want to try it. It looks mouth watering!  Apparently, there are 5000 ways to make this (exaggerating a bit). Smitten Kitchen makes it like this recipe.  This is also there beautiful picture!  The Hungry Struck website makes it with brie recipe
Some people make it with couscous, less veggies, more veggies, some add pine nuts or capers others use pita bread, rye bread or french bread, some with brie or mozzarella...... the different ways are endless.

Tip from a chef I came across in my perusing:
-The real key to getting the best flavor out of the salad is to salt the tomatoes before you begin cooking the vegetables and bread.
-Make sure bread is stale and hard otherwise you end up with a wet mushy bread salad, ewwww.


  1. That looks fantastic! Did you end up making it? I would love to know if you did and which recipe you ended up choosing.

  2. Wow, look at those colors! That's what got my attention over at TJ link party! Looks fantastic! I have a Panzanella that I got from Southern Living but have yet to try. I think I'll do this one first! Thanks for sharing!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  3. Natalia, I haven't made it yet. The bakery is right around the corner and haven't made it there yet:( but most likely I will try the one from Smitten Kitchen.

    Jennifer, I know I love that pic. I am trying the smitten kitchen recipe over the other ones only because of the picture. i know i am pathetic and sometimes my aesthetically based decisions are good, sometimes not so much.