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Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Sew Captain Hook Costume using a Tee

Nothing like last minute work to get your creative juices flowing.  My boys request this morning was "I want a Captain Hook costume & Peter Pan costume."  Yes, of course this request is coming the day before our party and on top of that tonight I have a baby shower that I am helping throw.

Our attempt!
What you need is a T-shirt your willing to cut up or you can use a polo.
You can leave the sleeves on but for us it worked better to make it a sleeveless coat.
Then you will need Glue, Gold ribbon, Black ribbon and Black felt for the bottom trim.  I glued on all of this to the polo. 
1. I used the black felt for the bottom part of Captain hooks coat. And added this first.
2. Then I added the black ribbon around the edges where I cut down the middle. This gave it a more clean look and it covered up the raw edges.
3. Next I added gold ribbon and glued it over the black felt and the t-shirt.
 This part was so easy it took about 20min.

The hat was alot harder for me. I used the template from The Hive. It worked great except my son is 7 and has a lot of hair so her template was too small for my boy.  I had to guess at measurements. I had already messed up my other sons, Peter Pan hat and had to redo it so I was trying to avoid redoing this one. It was still slightly too small but it will work.

You will need black felt, glue and chalk.  I followed  her directions for the template and used chalk to draw it on first. 

Then I cut it out and glued both pieces together.  She sews them but I had no time for sewing and this worked just fine.


  1. Super cute! My cousin's little boy wanted to be Captain Hook; Had I seen this I would have referred her right away!

    Coming over from: http://chasing2monkeys.blogspot.com

  2. Great idea! And I bet you could even use this same idea to make a Prince Charming coat... just add some tassels on the shoulder and keep it buttoned.

  3. Thanks for the tips the t-shirt worked out great. It was easy.