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Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Fun Games

Need some Family Fun that doesn't involve a computer, TV or even a board game?
Just like the good ol days, well not really but you get the point.

Here are some fun games our kids LOVE to play for our weekly Family nite or should I say our Wannabe Weekly Family Nite. Some weeknites it just ain't happening.:
Pass the Story Bag Game- Grab a bag and fill it with random objects that are around your house.  The youngest person starts by pulling out an object out of the bag (w/o peeking) and they Start the story but they don't finish it. They pass the bag when they are done with their part and the next member of the family continues the story. For example, 1st person "I was climbing a tree and a I saw a HUGE diaper running down the street" next person continues the story "The diaper couldn't run very fast because it was full of marshmallows" and so on, the last person ends that story.  You can keep it going with the same objects and have a different member start the storyline. Or each object can start a new story.

Mr/Ms. Waffley Maffley can I come to your house?- Choose who is going to be Mr/Ms. Waffley Maffley.  They sit on one side of the room and then the rest of the family sits on the otherside.  Everyone else on the otherside takes turns asking "Mr/Ms. Waffley Maffley can I come to your house?"  Then Mr/Ms. Waffley Maffley replies with "You may come to my house, if you .........." They have the family member do something and the person does it the command as they walk to the otherside and sit with Wafflley Maffley.  For example, you can have them dance like a ballerina, speak in a loud voice, skip, shake their booty, make a funny face etc.... Our kids love to watch us act silly!

Imagination Hide n Seek - This is a great dinner table game.  Pick one person to be the hider the rest of the family are the seekers.  You ask the hider to imagine somewhere in the house (not outside of the house) that they are going to hide, find the spot and don't tell anyone.  The rest of the family takes turns guessing where they think the hider hid. The hider replies with yes or no until someone figures it out.  If it gets too complicated then we start asking for hints like your cold or hot to find out if we are close.  With our kids we have to set boundaries of where they can hide otherwise they pick places like inside so and so's nose. So we tell them they have to be realistic places someone can  hide.  Our kids are younger so we have had them tell one of the adults their secret hiding place so they don't keep changing it throughout the game.

Dessert Scavenger Hunt- On an index cards give them clues of where you are hiding the dessert and have them figure it out. If they are younger you can use string to help them track where the next place is at.

Inside 4 Square- Use masking tape to make the 4 squares in your living room or wherever you have a wide enough space.  You need at least 4 people if there are more they rotate in everytime a person misses. The object of the game is to only let it bounce once in your square and get it into another square w/o touching the lines.  Assign one of the squares to be the Toilet which is where the person who is out goes.

Reenact an old nursery rhyme, Aesop fable or their favorite book- This is great for those stories your kids know by heart. They can draw the main characters on a sheet of paper and tape it on to popsicle sticks or they can use socks for puppets or real puppets. Or have them act it out.


  1. These are such great ideas Mari! We have family game night too (not every week either!) and I just know my kiddos would love trying some new ones. Thank you so much for sharing these with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  2. Don't we all need more family time - thanks for the great ideas!

    new follower via Chic on a Shoestrong. Hope you'll come by and follow back- I know you'll find something delicious!

    Kyra @ www. caramelpotatoes.com

  3. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday! Hope to see you again this week!

    -Trish @ Mom On Timeout