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Thursday, October 13, 2011

My little pumpkin T-shirt

This is my little pumpkin!
A friend introduced me to freezer paper some months ago and I am constantly thinking of ways to paint on something.  These Holiday t-shirts are great to bust out the freezer paper.

Exacto knife
fabric paint
Freezer paper
paint brush
cutting board

1. Find the image you want and cut it out and trace it onto your felt. 
2. Fill in the pumpkin face and outline with fabric paint and let dry.
3. On your computer print out in the size and font you want "My Little Pumpkin"
4. Trace the letters onto your non-shiny side of your freezer paper.
5. Place freezer paper onto your cutting board and trace out the letters this now becomes your stencil. The letters that get traced out you will not use.

6. Place the freezer paper stencil on your shirt and iron it on.  It will stick onto your shirt allowing you to paint clean cut lines onto the shirt.
7. Once the freezer paper is ironed and secure paint in the negative area with your desired color.
8. Peel freezer paper off. Yes, like magic it sticks and comes right off.
9. Grab your pumpkin and use fabric glue to glue it on and then if you want sew it on.  I like to glue it first so I can see the placement of it before I sew it on.
10. Once everything is dry. Using a hankerchief place it over the letters and iron over it to set the letters with the heat.

It's washable!


  1. Can I get freezer paper in Taiwan???

  2. So cute. I love the top that you picked to embellish, blue isn't a typical halloween color, but it looks fantastic with the orange pumpkin.

    I'd love it if you'd link up your project to my Top-toberfest link party. Feel free to link up any other shirts or tops that you've worked on as well.

  3. So cute! I was at the pediatrician's office yesterday and every little girl there had a Halloween themed shirt. It was adorable. Stopping by way of Sugar Bee's linky party.

  4. Thanks Ladies!
    Hey Elisa, I am not sure. If you can't you can just use paper as a stencil. I did that with the Pirate ship pillows I made for the boys. I cut it out on paper and then traced it onto to the fabric with a sharpie and painted the inside of it.
    Courtney, thanks so much for the feature!